Risa Towbin Aqua

I’m a watercolorist and calligrapher. Like many others who make our living in the arts, I try to do a variety of kinds of work for a variety of purposes.

I specialize in commemorative art for all occasions, for individuals and organizations. I’ve done well over 300 custom ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts) for clients from coast to coast, including same-sex, intermarrying and non-Jewish couples. I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University, where I studied printmaking and interior design, and I continue to learn and teach to this day.

About Ordering a Custom Ketubah

A custom ketubah is a handmade piece of art from top to bottom. Even those with the simplest design have a crafted feel that is unlike a typeset or printed ketubah.

I come up with a unique design for you by learning about you: your stories together and separately, your “themes” or shared values, your hopes and dreams, your artistic taste, and your own ideas for the ketubah if you have them already. When I have enough to go on, I complete a sketch for you.

Meanwhile, you decide on or come up with a text. I can provide examples and guidance if you need it.

When the sketch is approved, either with or without changes, I can complete the final ketubah.

My custom ketubot range in price from around $500 to $1400. The price is based on the overall size, which in turn is affected by the amount of text (the time it takes to write and the amount of space it takes up) and the amount of art. We will work together to come up with something beautiful that also fits your budget. For a rough idea of what can be done in various price ranges, and also to see my pre-designed ketubot, you can check out my etsy shop.

If you have any questions at all, please send me an email or give me a call at 303-883-4270.